Intelligent Key Management System uses intelligent methods to identify users and keys, control the key using time, record the status of each key for everyone, keys are used as required, even incidents happened, there will be data to track down.

Intelligent office based on the concept of the Internet of Things has gradually  become the trend of the future intelligent development of the office. The  intelligent key management cabinet we designed could enhance the smart  office experience of small companies and make your office look more  advanced.

  • Only authorized users can get the keys
  • Easy to track the status of keys, convenient to print out reports
  • It can use mobile, tablet etc… internet tools to authorize keys remotely
  • No one needs to be on duty to inspect, keys can be used at anytime
  • Lower risk, strengthen management, no one touches company assets without permission
  • Increase work efficiency, save cost, people who has the key can be found instantly
  • Keys are lost, easy to search timely
  • Reduce the loss of accidents, increase the power of management

Permission Settings

People without permission cannot access the Key.

Each key is only responsibility of the authorized user. This means less key loss and accidental loss of property.



The system automatically records the use of the key in real time, providing access records and reports. By checking access history, you can always get the latest information.

Remote Management

You can easily configure the keys with system software and remotely set permission for users.

Online control and inquiries help reduce costs and increase efficiency.