Price: S$ 380

Countertop Time Attendance Terminal

D2 Tabletop Terminal is specially designed for table or counter use (80-140 cm). With fingerprint sensor placed on top of terminal, it enables all-directional fingerprint reading for the convenience of attendance. BioID high sensitivity fingerprint sensor provides faster and more accurate fingerprint verification. With built-in detachable battery lasting for up to 8 hours, and micro-USB power supply for power bank (minimum 2A) connection, there are no more worries for lacking power sockets supply.

Key Features

  • Countertop placed without installation
  • Wi-Fi communication
  • Build in battery up to 8 hour standby
  • Build in time attendance report
  • Mobile APP control and download report
  • USB Microport for DC power bank charge available

Price: S$ 450

Body-Worn Camera

The compact IP68 waterproof grade Full HD Body Worn Camera tailor-made for law enforcement application. It has features 130º angle view with distortion correction, 2304*1296 HD video recording, 32 MP photo resolution, built-in shake motor, auxiliary operation reminding, 2.0″ TFT display, support hot swap battery, 10 meter IR night vision, long recording time, large storage capacity and 2200 mAh big capacity battery.

Key Features

  • 130 degree wide angle
  • 2304*1296P HD recording
  • IP 68 protect grade
  • 2.0″ TFT LCD for operation
  • 10 meters IR Night Vision
  • Shock & corrosion protection, 2.0m drop test

Price: S$ 1250

Real-Time Guard Tour Device

Active Guard is the most advanced, first of its kind in the world, system that makes it possible to monitor the time, place and results of the work of personnel in real time, thanks to the use of a GPRS-based data transmission technology.

Active Guard is also a voice connection with employees, possible without the need to equip them with additional devices, such as cellular phones or short-wave radios.

Active Guard is a system for notifying of situations requiring immediate reaction and assistance, replacing robbery notification devices.

Active Guard is the ability to locate an employee on the basis of markers placed on the round course. Monitoring software allows to establish timeframes for marker reading. If no reading is recorded within specified time, the monitoring station notifies of irregularities.

Designed for guard control, Active Guard is a highly flexible system and can be used also for other purposes, e.g. access control and identification, technical inspection monitoring, storage and rental systems monitoring, or maintenance systems.

Key Features

  • Requires no software installation
  • Saving the data even in the case of total destruction of the reader
  • Resistance to any kind of weather conditions (cold, moisture, heat)
  • Notification of all mechanical attempts to destroy device
  • Detector, which allows to determine whether the device was exposed to strong electromagnetic fields e.g. the origin of microwave
  • Higher reliability due to increased anti-sabotage security
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