Guard Tour

Guard Tour

Guard Tour application is an online guard tour patrol system which helps security companies worldwide manage and monitor the patrols of their guards in an innovative way. It uses the power of a smartphone which communicates in real-time with a 24/7/365 Monitoring Center.

Key Features
  • Automatic Supervisor Checklist via Beacon
  • GPS Tracking
  • SOS Alert
  • Clocking via QR code, NFC, Beacon
  • Incident Report
  • House keeping and Defects report

Visitor, Incident & Vehicle Management

A tool to extract and classify personal data information from most identity cards and/or passports, work permits as well as vehicle registration numbers on license plates.

Key Features
  • Visitor Management
  • Incident Management
  • After Action Report(AAR)
  • Vehicle Management
  • Occurrence book
  • Lost & Found
  • PDPA Compliant

Automated Visitor Registration

i-CASA was developed based on visitor access control into a private housing Estate; condominiums and/or cluster housing in a gated community. It is integrated with the Security Officer Management System that provides regulated access into an Estate.HR creates database by site, users, etc.

Key Features
  • Easy Visitor Registration
  • QR Code send to Visitor
  • Visitor Scan QR Code
  • Access on QR approval
  • Self Registration Kiosk
  • Prevent Overdue Parking

Intelligent Time Attendance Payroll System

It can be deployed at work sites and/or downloaded into users mobile phones. The software works on Wi-Fi and/or data connection. It runs on Android.

Key Features
  • One Tap Attendance with Selfie
  • Leave Application
  • Leave/ MC Information/
  • Key/Personal Documents
  • E-Learning Documents
  • Payroll(Optional)
  • Claims(Optional)